Coliman is a registered trademark owned by a group of Mexican family businesses, dedicated to the marketing of fruits and vegetables in Mexico and abroad. Our products reach the tables of thousands of families around the world.


Grupo AGGALL-Coliman Bananas

Cultivation, distribution and commercialization of conventional and organic bananas in Mexico and abroad.


Frutas Finas de Valles de Michoacán

Cultivation, distribution and marketing of avocado in Mexico and abroad.

Fruits and vegetables

Coliman BC

Commercialization of fruits and vegetables in Baja California, Mex. and California, USA. Manufacture of plastic boxes for the Produce industry.


The Coliman brand was born in 1963, in the city of Tecomán, Colima, a strategic center for the production and distribution of agricultural products. Today our products are found on the table of thousands of homes around the world.


We produce, distribute and market fresh fruits such as bananas, avocados, papayas and lemons, as well as various vegetables.


We always keep innovating with the highest technology to harvest, pack and preserve our products with the best quality.