Coliman Organic-Fairtrade Bananas Move into Peak Production.

The most favorable weather conditions for banana production in Colima, Mexico start in the summer months and continue to produce peak volumes of the highest quality, deep into late Fall.  Coliman is expecting cooperating weather patterns to continue and are predicting an ample and high quality peak season. If ever there was an optimal Mexican banana season, it is indeed starting now.


The warmer summer and fall months in Tecoman, Colima, where Coliman produces 100 percent of their organic banana volumes, contribute to optimal banana length, shape and form and create some of the most ideal starting conditions for ripeners. The natural warmth during peak production leads to less resistance in the ripening process as the starches turn to sugars, with more even, vibrant coloring resulting.


Coliman is one of the largest organic, fairtrade banana growers in Latin America, with over 1,100 hectares of certified organic bananas, of which over 800 hectares are also certified Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified. 100 percent of Coliman’s production and packing operations are proprietary, giving Coliman complete and rare control over all aspects of the company’s growing, packing, shipping and marketing operations globally.

With the rising global demand of organic fairtrade bananas, Coliman is well positioned in land, air and sea, to service some of the most important organic-fairtrade markets in the world, including the USA/Canada, Europe and Japan.


Coliman is well prepared for the continued increased organic-fairtrade demand trend, driven by global consumers..  Their Fairtrade America certification ensures continued fixed price points on the commodity globally; keeping the business viable and sustainable for years to come, while the Fairtrade premiums ensures ongoing communally agreed projects continue, such as several Community Centers where homework clubs, day care, skill workshops, special events and educational courses are held as well many different community celebrations.  Other past premium projects include After School Programs and Reforestation Projects, which helped rebuild environmental degradation and enhance fishing opportunities lost to pollution.


Coliman has been dedicated to their community and the communities through Mexico in which they operate since the company’s inception in 1963. “At the core of the company is people”, shares Victor Heredia, US Sales Manager for Coliman.  “The Fairtrade and Rainforest certifications substantiate, the company’s most important idealogy.”


Coliman is currently working on some new digital marketing initiatives, which will give customers and consumers more insight and information on the Fairtrade and Rainforest projects currently in action in Tecoman. Watch for the ongoing roll out of these initiatives in the months to come.


Coliman offers year-round, large-scale production and distribution of organic-fairtrade bananas globally.  High volume programs are currently available.

Coliman Group Celebrates its 54th Anniversary With New Organic Banana Farm

By Jessica Donnel

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COLIMA, MEXICOAs Coliman Group reaches its 54-year anniversary of providing high-quality, Mexican-grown bananas, the company is celebrating by revealing a brand new 300-hectare organic banana farm. Located in Coliman’s native land of Tecomán, Colima, in the south of Mexico, the new farm will also come equipped with a modern packaging machine with state-of-the-art technology.


With the opening of this new farm, Coliman has the largest and best equipped organic banana packing plant, not only in Mexico, but also in Latin America,” shared CEO Jorge Angel Aguilar Jr. “With this new project, Coliman is now one of the largest organic banana producers in the world, once again demonstrating the leadership of our organic banana worldwide.”


In response to the growing needs of Coliman’s customers in the international market, the company’s new projected production is now at 3,800 boxes per hectare per year, according to a blog postWith this latest addition, Coliman brings its total number of organic banana farms in Colima to three.


Coliman’s organic bananas are all Fairtrade, RainForest Alliance, and USDA Organic certified, ensuring that the company is compliant with regulatory issues including environmental care, labor rights, and the quality and care of products.


And with 54 years of nourishing its customers’ lives under the company’s belt, Coliman Group shows no signs of stopping.

Coliman inaugurates new organic banana farm

In the framework of its 54th anniversary, Coliman Group proudly celebrates the inauguration of its new organic banana farm.

COLIMAN celebrated the inauguration of its new banana farm, which has about 300 hectares of banana organic production, as well as a modern packaging machine with state-of-the-art technology. This new project is located in Coliman’s native land, Tecomán, Colima, in the south of Mexico.

With this new project, COLIMAN has now 3 organic banana farms in the state of Colima.

Our organic banana holds certifications such as Fairtrade, RainForest Alliance and USDA Organic, which regulate issues like environmental care, labor rights and the quality and care of products.

The projected production is 3,800 boxes per hectare per year, in order to meet the needs of our customers in the international market.

With the opening of this new farm, Coliman has the largest and best equipped ORGANIC BANANA packing plant, not only in Mexico, but also in Latin America.

With this new project, Coliman is now one of the largest ORGANIC banana producers in the world, once again demonstrating the leardership of our Organic Banana worldwide. 

Coliman Group, 54 years of nourishing your life!

Coliman’s CEO talks ramping up its organic banana program.

By Jordan Okumura.
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COLIMA, MEXICO – With the goal of differentiating the company while also responding to the growing trends in organic produce, Coliman is ramping up its organic banana program in Mexico’s fertile growing regions. Coliman’s goal as we move into the second half of 2016, is to become a premier leader in the organic banana category while actively expanding its reach in North America as it does in the UK and Europe.


“Our organic commitment is a key part of our value proposition and it is our goal to follow agricultural practices that help foster, restore, and maintain a healthy ecological balance of the soil and land we use for our organic production. Simply put the consumer is requesting more and more organic products, and organic bananas are amongst the most requested product in the category. We are serving the market need in a truly, socially responsible, way,” Jorge Angel Aguilar Jr., Corporate CEO, tells me as we discuss why organics are important to the company. “Organic markets are expanding rapidly all over the world and in the organic banana category we want to be the company that retailers, multinationals, and distributors look to.”


Coliman started the conversion to organics in 2010, with certification in 2014, in order to address many issues including the reduction of chemicals-use, both for the sustainment of the land and the health of consumers and the workers at the farm level.


“As stated previously, Colima is an ideal region for organic bananas due to its weather and mild temperatures year-round,” Jorge adds. “Coliman has expanded these areas to better serve the growing demand for organic products in addition to addressing the concerns for Coliman’s impact on the land. From nursery to harvest, everything is organic. What makes our program such an accessible, beneficial, and quality company for U.S, retailers to partner with, is our passion for growing the best bananas and produce, with the highest food safety standards, along with our resources as a vertically integrated company that cares about making a positive difference in the lives of our customers and workers.”


Global GAP, Primus GFS, Organic and Fair Trade Certified, the company is also now RainForest Alliance certified. Coliman grows 100 percent of its own organic production in the Tecoman, Colima, Mexico. In addition, the company’s transport time to the southern U.S. border in Nogales, AZ, is 60 hours, and to McAllen, TX, travel time is around 36 hours max, the company notes, giving Coliman efficient access to both the East and West Coast from its growing operations. To ensure that the organic bananas travel well, Coliman pre-cools all of its fruit within one hour of being harvested and uses Biotempak on all shipments and/or customer specified temp-recorder.


Currently, the company exports organic bananas to many countries including the USA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, and Japan.


In conclusion, Jorge Aguilar Gallegos Jr, states, “We’ve spent the last 50-plus years growing and distributing our produce in Mexico and across the world, and we are very excited to be expanding and growing our organic banana program along with our Fairtrade program. We are looking forward to the next 50 years and promoting our message, ‘Nourishing Your Life for 50 Years.’”


Coliman Organics welcomes you to learn more about its program at the Organic Produce Summit booth #310.

Organic bananas, Fair Trade & Rainforest Alliance Certifications.

By Jordan Okumura.
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COLIMA, MEXICO – “For Coliman, our people as well as their families and our land are just as important as our customers. We feel it is a symbiotic relationship where everyone contributes to the betterment and improvement of both people and mother earth,” Jorge Angel Aguilar Jr., Corporate CEO of Coliman, tells me as we discuss the company’s vision, foundation and Fair Trade Certification (FTC).


With Coliman’s continued goal of becoming a regional, national, and international leader in marketing and distributing organic bananas, FTC is a topic that remains top-of-mind as the company discovers new ways to add value to its product and its family of workers. Consumers continue to support FTC products, Jorge notes, due to their positive social and economic impact on farm labor and its communities, as well as the impact on environmental sustainable farming practices.


“The annual sales of Fair Trade Certified products is $6.5 billion and this program continues to grow in Europe and in North America showing 30% growth in Canada and U.S. sales are now $577 Million,” Jorge adds. “Fair Trade Certification came about as the result of Coliman’s values and commitment to corporate social responsibility. As an important grower in Mexico, our ownership prides itself on the direct and honest communication and dialogue with the industry based on the respect of its workers.”


In addition to the company’s FTC initiatives, Coliman has also achieved Rainforest Alliance Certification on its organic bananas, passing rigorous social and environmental standards set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network(SAN) to ensure the company grows crops and manages ranchlands sustainably.


“The Rainforest Alliance reinforces our commitment to ecosystem conservation, sustainability practices, wildlife protection, fair treatment and good working conditions,” Jorge tells me while we speak about how the company’s goal is to remain stewards of the land. “Coliman has always had the objective of improving the lives of its workers and the community. Our workers come from local communities as our farms produce year round. Our programs include education, housing, promoting exercise and nutrition, and improving our environment. All this ensures that we help to improve the quality of the lives of our workers and their families while providing a high quality product to the marketplace and our valued, socially responsible customers”


The Fair Trade program, through the local committees, has allowed Coliman to buy washing machines, refrigerators and stoves for 260 families, school kits for 136 families, bicycles for 174 families, and the construction of lunch rooms for two public schools in the community. Coliman also works in conjunction with local and state authorities to help in the construction of a city park and reforestation.


So what is it about Colima that makes it such an ideal growing region? Jorge tells me that it has the optimum climate conditions for growing bananas due to its mild year-round weather and low precipitation levels compared with other growing regions.


“In order to be congruent with our values and to maintain the work/life balance for our workers we already have established, it only made sense to become Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified,” Jorge adds.


Coliman is already shipping its FTC products, identified by the FTC logo, to the U.S. through Nogales, Arizona, and McAllen, Texas, for retail partners. Rainforest Alliance Certified products are also shipping now, with certification recently awarded in June of 2016.


As the company continues to expand its retail distribution, and raise the bar on its social and corporate responsibility, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for continued updates on Coliman.