Coliman University is a business model, based on the
new way of training within the corporations;
focused towards any collaborator in them.





Coliman University is a centre of studies within the company. Its main goal is to form and educate its own personnel; potentiating their execution of activities and contributing to their growth, personal as well as professional. This will result in better performance and -consequently- in an excellent customer service.




The graduate is prepared for being a better citizen and professional; and to perform the required job taking into account unquestionable values such as honesty, responsibility, respect and loyalty.
The professional will be formed to develop indispensable attitudes like initiative, availability, humility, service, passion for his / her work, interest for personal & professional development, client-focus, competitiveness, acceptance & compliance of policies. In this fashion and with the right attitudes, acquired knowledge is potentiated.

The graduate will be supplied with the basic knowledge to develop as a human being and in a work environment. Other subjects to cover include emotional intelligence, developing a life project, job mastery, personal finances, business and new languages.
Leadership skills will be gained, along with a comprehension of technology, indispensable in the new way of doing business. Other elemental business competences will be learned, such as persuasion, negotiation, effective communication, social abilities, creativity and innovation. All of these capacities will result in growth within the company.


Regarding learning qualifications the graduate generates, arranges and spreads knowledge while developing learning and self-learning skills. Knows to structure the job and its procedures.
Knows how to sell ideas, is organized, manages time & resources effectively and focuses on solving problems.



A person prepared for life and work, able to sell products & services to a company or society.
The professional has learned to work full processes and dominates the social skills required for success in the XXI century.

As a socially responsible company,
Coliman Group has acquired the commitment of forming
highly prepared leaders that will be part of the growth of our country.