Coliman Organic-Fairtrade Bananas Move into Peak Production.

The most favorable weather conditions for banana production in Colima, Mexico start in the summer months and continue to produce peak volumes of the highest quality, deep into late Fall.  Coliman is expecting cooperating weather patterns to continue and are predicting an ample and high quality peak season. If ever there was an optimal Mexican banana season, it is indeed starting now.


The warmer summer and fall months in Tecoman, Colima, where Coliman produces 100 percent of their organic banana volumes, contribute to optimal banana length, shape and form and create some of the most ideal starting conditions for ripeners. The natural warmth during peak production leads to less resistance in the ripening process as the starches turn to sugars, with more even, vibrant coloring resulting.


Coliman is one of the largest organic, fairtrade banana growers in Latin America, with over 1,100 hectares of certified organic bananas, of which over 800 hectares are also certified Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified. 100 percent of Coliman’s production and packing operations are proprietary, giving Coliman complete and rare control over all aspects of the company’s growing, packing, shipping and marketing operations globally.

With the rising global demand of organic fairtrade bananas, Coliman is well positioned in land, air and sea, to service some of the most important organic-fairtrade markets in the world, including the USA/Canada, Europe and Japan.


Coliman is well prepared for the continued increased organic-fairtrade demand trend, driven by global consumers..  Their Fairtrade America certification ensures continued fixed price points on the commodity globally; keeping the business viable and sustainable for years to come, while the Fairtrade premiums ensures ongoing communally agreed projects continue, such as several Community Centers where homework clubs, day care, skill workshops, special events and educational courses are held as well many different community celebrations.  Other past premium projects include After School Programs and Reforestation Projects, which helped rebuild environmental degradation and enhance fishing opportunities lost to pollution.


Coliman has been dedicated to their community and the communities through Mexico in which they operate since the company’s inception in 1963. “At the core of the company is people”, shares Victor Heredia, US Sales Manager for Coliman.  “The Fairtrade and Rainforest certifications substantiate, the company’s most important idealogy.”


Coliman is currently working on some new digital marketing initiatives, which will give customers and consumers more insight and information on the Fairtrade and Rainforest projects currently in action in Tecoman. Watch for the ongoing roll out of these initiatives in the months to come.


Coliman offers year-round, large-scale production and distribution of organic-fairtrade bananas globally.  High volume programs are currently available.

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