Coliman Allfresch: Filling the world with nutrition.

When we talk about Mexican products, we talk about things done well. We talk about hard work, passion, delivery: we talk about quality. Seeing the profile of the eagle surrounded by the legend “Made in Mexico” must, forcefully, awaken in the consumer nothing more than total confidence in acquiring a Mexican product, wherever you are.

With this in mind, in January 2017 we entered into an alliance with Allfresch Group, resulting in the trading company Coliman Allfresch.

Thanks to this union and a constant search in our way to efficiently distribute our bananas around the world, we open doors that allow us to place our bananas on the tables of families in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, benefiting from the most select bananas of Mexico: Coliman’s.

Neither nutrition nor quality should be limited to certain countries; nutrition and quality should know no limits or borders. Holding a Coliman banana in our hands means to be holding pure quality, 100% Mexican made. We continue to work daily in our distribution channels to generate new and efficient ones. Every Coliman banana that is consumed, anywhere in the world, is undoubtedly a victory for Mexico, a solid statement that what is produced in our country is produced well.

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